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Swift Package Manager Issue in Xcode 14.3: Fixing Remote Repository Access Error

If you’ve encountered the “The remote repository could not be accessed” error while adding Swift packages in Xcode 14.3, this blog post is here to help you troubleshoot and overcome the issue.

Have you ever tried adding a Swift package to your Xcode project, only to see this error message?

“The remote repository could not be accessed. Make sure a valid repository exists at the specified location and that the correct credentials have been supplied.”

The Solution:

  1. Cleaned up DerivedData.
  2. Deleted the file /Library/Caches/org.swift.swiftpm.
  3. Download Xcode 15 Beta version.
  4. Reset SPM cache with the new Xcode.
  5. Double-check the Repository URL (should contain .git extension)

Original URL: https://github.com/Wootric/WootricSDK-iOS
Corrected URL: https://github.com/Wootric/WootricSDK-iOS.git

Happy coding!

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